"We are all equal"


What is this Website?

This website is part of my personal project. My personal project was to see " If football experiences more racism than other sports?" This website was part of my final product to try and raise awarness against racism. I have also designed wristbands to help me raise awarness. I decided to make a website to show my findings, as it would be easier to view the website than a powerpoint. The website helps me show my research in a more organized way, and help me show people what happens.. 

Who am I?

My name is Cameron Osborne. I am a student at Inter Community School Zurich. I am in grade 10. In grade 10 students have to do a personal project, I chose to research Racism in Sport. I chose this project as it is something that I am very interested in. I saw a lot of racism whilst playing at a local football club. I was somewhat unincluded because I was from a different country and didn't speak the same language as them. What happened to me was not even near the same level as what happens to some other people, and what happens at professional level.

Join in!

You can tell me about what you have experienced by filling in the survey or leaving a message. You can also leave feedback about the website or the project as a whole. I would appricate it if you would take two minutes to quickly fill out my survey, and help me try and raise awarness against Racism in sport.